A story of Love and Legacy

This is the story of a Peruvian princess and a Dutch merchant. Very much in love the couple embarked on a journey to explore the heritage of the princess in the country of Peru. There they found beautiful vinyards and a tradtional distillery producing a very tasteful spirit.

Being back in Peru brought back a lot of memories to the princess. She remembered all the good times she had with her mother, playing in the fields and enjoying a life without worries. These memories made her feel a strong desire to keep the spirit of her loving mother alive.


To honour the family legacy and the cultural heritage of the princess, the merchant unfolded the idea of presenting this beautiful spirit to the rest of the world under the family name. And thus PiscoGuerra was born.

As PiscoGuerra is born out of the love between two people, for the family legacy and the cultural heritage, we hold true to these values:

  • Outstanding quality
  • Respect for tradition
  • To celebrate life!

The Smiling Condor !

Pisco, a small town about one hour from Ica city, is not only the birthplace of the spirit Pisco, it is also the ancient Quechua word for Bird. This is why we choose the national bird of Peru, the Condor, to be our mascotte.

To emphasize the family legacy and the cultural heritage we drew our Condor in Inca style and gave our logo the colors of Peru: white and red. The third color in the logo is Gold. Gold is one of the most important mineral treasures of Peru. By chosing gold we once more underline our cultural heritage. Because gold is reserved for winners only, it also stands for our commitment to produce only Pisco of the highest quality.

The PiscoGuerra Condor is depicted smiling. We strongly believe life should be celebrated and enjoyed at every chance. Therefore our Condor is cheerful and always gives a happy smile.

PiscoGuerra 100% Quebranta Ica, Peru

We grow our Quebranta grapes in our vinyards in the Ica region on the coast of Peru, close to the town of Pisco. Only the best grapes get selected for the production of PiscoGuerra.

In our winery we soft press the grapes and make wine according to the tradition of generations. Following the family legacy we then distill the wine into PiscoGuerra, using French copper stills.

The grape is the only ingredient for our PiscoGuerra. We use no additives in the production of our beautiful white spirit. After the vinification and single distillation process our spirit holds 42% vol. of alcohol.

The result is a smooth and rich distillate with a complex pallet. It carries warmth and displays notes of raisins, licorice and almond.

PiscoGuerra can be enjoyed pure or as a basis for a tasteful cocktail.

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